Best answer: When should I repot my Constellation?

Repot your plant in the summer or spring season as the plant is then strong enough to handle the risk of transplant shock. Using the same pot will restrict the size of the plant, this should be done if you do not want the plant to take over or get any bigger.

When should I repot monstera Thai constellation?

They generally need repotting up a size about every 2 years. Yellowing or wilting leaves combined with dying stems can be due to root rot, which Thai Monstera seem more prone to than other cultivars. If you suspect root rot, act on it immediately. Do not wait to see if it gets worse.

How long does it take for a Thai Constellation to grow?

It takes about two years for a plant to mature. The growth of Monstera Thai Constellations depends on the growing conditions. Soil, humidity, water, nutrients, and temperature, all affect its growth. Bright light, frequent watering, regular light fertilizer, and balanced humidity will keep the plant happy.

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How do you get more variegation in Thai constellation?

You can simply promote more variegation of already variegated plants by positioning your houseplants in a spot with more light. The darker the spot, the more green leave are produced. Near a window or an artificial light source is a good spot for your variegated plant to produce more variegation.

How do you care for the constellation monstera?

Monsteras appreciate a warm, humid environment, a good amount of water and gentle sunlight. Place your Monstera away from vents and drafts where it would be subjected to dry air and in a spot where it can receive medium to bright indirect light.

How do you repot monstera Thai constellation?

Follow these simple steps below to repot your plant:

  1. Remove the Thai Constellation plant from the pot and thoroughly inspect the root system.
  2. Fill half of the container with a rich potting mix and water the soil to help it settle. …
  3. Place the supporting structure to encourage vertical growth.

Why are my Thai Constellation leaves curling?

Monstera leaves curling is usually a sign of underwatering or low humidity. Other causes include overwatering, pest infestations, heat stress, or your Monstera being rootbound. The tight curling of new leaves is normal before they unfurl.

Can the Thai Constellation revert?

Thai Constellations don’t revert. The variegation is built into their genetic makeup because they’re engineered by humans and don’t exist in the wild. Not the case for ‘proper’ variegated monstera (albo borsigiana). … If you buy a baby monstera it MIGHT turn out to be variegated.

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Why is my monstera Thai constellation not growing?

A sign your Thai Constellation is not getting enough light is slow growth, leaf discolouration or mature leaves growing without splits. You should keep your Thai Constellation out of direct sunlight as it can cause damage to the leaves.

How much is a Monstera Albo?

At the time of this posting, a young Monstera Thai Constellation will cost between $150 and $700 USD, which is less than the cost of a Monstera Albo of the same size.


Differences Monstera Variegata Albo Borsigiana Monstera Thai Constellation
Price $100 to $1,000+ USD $150 to $1,000+ USD

Can you force a Monstera to Variegate?

Propagating Variegated Monstera

If you want to propagate a Variegated Monstera, you can do so by taking a cutting of a part of the stem that contains a node or aerial roots. You don’t need the cutting to contain a leaf, only a node. Once you have your cutting, trim any leaves so you are left with 1-2 leaves.

Can you induce variegation in plants?

A. Variegation is not easily induced and can’t be done so at home. Best to get a cutting of a variegated plant from a friend or pass your’s on in order to keep the variegated plant love flowing.

Does Monstera Thai constellation need a moss pole?

Soil needs

The soil should stay moist, but never soggy or mushy. … Thai Constellation plants are epiphytic, meaning they grow on top of other plants and take nutrients from them, so you should also add organic matter to your soil for the best possible results. A moss pole spritzed with diluted fertilizer is nice too.

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Can Monstera Thai constellation grow underwater?

Watering Monstera Thai Constellation

The tropical forest would be its optimal environment. That means it prefers moist soil, but have in mind that water must circulate. Never allow the roots to sink in the water.

Does Monstera Albo like humidity?

Monstera albo will thrive in humidity, don’t always need excessively high amounts. For most homes, where humidity levels can drop between 20%-65% throughout the year, this plant should do fine.