Frequent question: What is Comet good for?

This all-purpose cleanser cleans and deodorizes—all without leaving a scratch. Dissolves soap scum and hard water film. Disinfects and cleans tough stains. Porcelain, Stainless steel, Fiberglass, Corian, Solid surfaces, Natural marble, Ceramic tile.

What do you use Comet for?

Comet Bleach Powder attacks your tough-cleaning problems in kitchens, bathrooms, and throughout your house. This all-purpose cleaner cleans and deodorizes porcelain, stainless steel, fiberglass, Corian, solid surfaces, natural marble, and ceramic tile all without leaving a scratch.

What should you not use Comet on?

Comet powdered cleanser is not recommended for use on silver, painted surfaces, walls, soft plastic, aluminum, and rubber.

What is Comet good for cleaning?

Comet with Bleach Disinfectant Cleanser cleans and deodorizes porcelain, stainless steel, fiberglass, natural marble and ceramic tile without leaving a scratch. This kitchen and bathroom cleaner is great for sinks, tubs and more.

Is Comet a disinfectant?

Clean and disinfect with Comet® Disinfecting Cleaner with Bleach. A unique 2-in-1 all-purpose formula combines the cleaning power of heavy-duty detergents with the stain removal power of bleach, while being a hospital use disinfectant*.

Is Comet good for toilets?

Tip #3: Good old Comet and the regular toilet bowl brush is all you need!! And if you have any scratches in the bowl, just sprinkle the Comet in and let it sit there for 30 minutes or more and the scratches will be gone…with no scrubbing!!!! That is all I ever use and my toilets sparkle and smell fresh!!!

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What is better Ajax or Comet?

Overall, Comet and Ajax both got the job done. Although Ajax was slightly more effective in my porcelain and stainless steel tests, Comet wasn’t far behind. Since both brands use nearly the same ingredients, these results weren’t a surprise.

Can you wash dishes with Comet?

Actually, you CAN use Comet in the dishwasher BUT not to clean your dishes. You may use it to clean the dishwasher itself, because food particles and soap residue can accumulate along the door seal, under the DW blades themselves and most certainly in the bottom.

What happens if you get Comet on your skin?

Get medical attention immediately if irritation persists. Skin contact Rinse with plenty of water. Get medical attention if irritation develops and persists.

Is Comet toxic to humans?

This staple cleaner has been in American households for a long time. However, tests by EWG showed that Comet powder released chemicals that have been linked to cancer and asthmatic disorders. … Plus, the bleach in the powder can cause problems for certain kinds of plumbing pipe.

Is Comet the same as bleach?

Comet Cleanser is a cleaning solution which is used to disinfect non-porous surfaces. … Comet does produce a powdered cleansing product which does contain bleach. Some users like to add more bleach to the product to boost the effectiveness of Comet’s cleaning power.

Can I put Comet in a spray bottle?

If you’ve got a high-traffic bathroom, fill a spray bottle of water and go to town with this multi-purpose surface cleaner. … Check out more Comet cleaners today. It can scrub just about anything!

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Can Comet make you sick?

Ingestion: Mild mucous membrane irritant. May result in gastrointestinal irritation with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. … Inhalation: Mild respiratory irritant. Unusually high exposures may cause coughing or irritation of nose and throat.

Is Comet antibacterial?

Comet Classic Antibacterial Spray Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses* Use in kitchens and bathrooms to disinfect and clean.