How do you get to the Astronomy Tower in Harry Potter 5 7?

Use Aguamenti on the student along the back wall, near the stairs to the classroom, to free the Student In Peril. Use Hermione’s bag plate on the right side and lift the door knocker up to reach the Astronomy Tower.

How do I get to the Astronomy Tower in Harry Potter?

To get from the foot of the Astronomy Tower’s staircase to the staircase leading to the entrance hall, one must pass through two corridors before rounding the corner to see the staircase leading (eventually) to the Entrance Hall (HBP28).

How do you unlock Antonin dolohov?

Use a variant of Ron to move the light into the Deluminator and over to the painting, and the man inside will toss you the character token for Professor McGonagall. Shoot the telescope on your left as you enter for the Antonin Dolohov character token.

Is the Astronomy Tower part of Hogwarts Castle?

This was the first of a series of modular Hogwarts sets, that can be combined into a large Hogwarts castle, featuring many of the important rooms within the castle. In 2020, the Astronomy tower was released in this series.

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Does bloodroot require staking?

Staking: No staking is needed. Watering: Regular watering is not required for bloodroot grown in a shady spot with normally moist garden soil.

How do you unlock Draco Malfoy in Lego Harry Potter Years 5 7?

Draco Malfoy

How to get: Use dark magic on the large chest at the back of the room. You will tip out some pieces of Lego that go on the skeleton to the right of the chest. Place all three pieces on the skeleton and it will throw the token up for you.

How do you get into Dumbledore’s office Year 5 7?

On the far left side of the area, unwrap the branches from the tree for the Luna (Blue Jumper) character token. On your left as you enter is a chest with a red lock. Destroy the lock, then shoot the chest for a Student In Peril. When you reach Dumbledore’s office, shoot the pillar on the left to make it catch fire.

Where is Lucius Malfoy in Lego Harry Potter?

Lucius Malfoy in the ‘Follow the Spiders’ level. It is in year 2, earlier than Barty Crouch Jr. You’ll need to use Reducto on the chest where you fight Aragog.

How do you unlock all the characters in LEGO Harry Potter?

Unlocking new playable characters in Story Mode is quite difficult on the first playthrough, so we recommend replaying levels in Freeplay Mode after finishing the game. You still have to buy most of them, but you need to collect the icon/crest on a level first, before they are available for purchase.

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Where do you buy characters in LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7?

You need to go to Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions to purchase characters.

How do you get Rita Skeeter in Lego Harry Potter?

Lots of people seem to be struggling to get Rita Skeeter who sits between Stan Shunpike and Cornelius Fudge. She can be found in the near the entrance to the Slytherin common room. Use the two strong levers either side of their door and it will unlock her.

How do you get the gold brick in Hogwarts castle?

Info: There are house banners along the long hallway that runs in front of the entrance to each of the various school houses within Hogwarts Castle. You can hit those banners with magic blasts from your wand. If you hit all five of them, you’ll cause a Gold Brick to appear.