How does a telescope work quizlet?

A refracting telescope works by using a convex lens at each end of a long tube. Light enters the telescope through the large objective lenses on top. The objective lens focuses the light at a certain distance from the lens. … The major difference is that a refracting telescope uses convex lens to focus light.

How do telescopes work?

Most telescopes, and all large telescopes, work by using curved mirrors to gather and focus light from the night sky. … The bigger the mirrors or lenses, the more light the telescope can gather. Light is then concentrated by the shape of the optics. That light is what we see when we look into the telescope.

How does a reflecting telescope work quizlet?

How does a reflecting telescope work? It has a large curved mirror that reflects light to a flat mirror. A lens in the eyepiece then magnifies the image reflected from the flat mirror for observation.

What is a telescope quizlet?

telescope. an instrument that gathers electromagnetic radiation and concentrates it for better observation.

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What is telescope and its function?

telescope, device used to form magnified images of distant objects. The telescope is undoubtedly the most important investigative tool in astronomy. It provides a means of collecting and analyzing radiation from celestial objects, even those in the far reaches of the universe.

How does a telescope magnification work?

Generally, the larger the aperture, the more light the telescope collects and brings to focus, and the brighter the final image. The telescope’s magnification, its ability to enlarge an image, depends on the combination of lenses used. The eyepiece performs the magnification.

What does the aperture of a telescope determine quizlet?

Aperture: A telescope’s ability to collect light is directly related to the diameter of the lens or mirror — the aperture — that is used to gather light. Generally, the larger the aperture, the more light the telescope collects and brings to focus, and the brighter the final image.

What is the most important function or power of a telescope quizlet?

Telescopes collect light from distant objects and focus it to form a clear image you can see easily. Collects & concentrates light, focuses light & creates an image. What determines a telescopes Light-Gathering Power?

Which type of telescope utilizes lenses quizlet?

A telescope that uses lenses or mirrors to collect and focus visible light is called an optical telescope. The two major types of optical telescopes are refracting and reflecting telescopes. Refracting telescopes use convex lenses to gather and focus light.

How do telescopes help us learn about the universe quizlet?

HOW DO TELESCOPES HELP US LEARN ABOUT THE UNIVERSE? We can see fainter objects and more detail than we can see by eye. Specialized telescopes allow us to learn more than we could from visible light alone.

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What is the purpose of radio telescopes quizlet?

What is a radio telescope? capture radio waves from space, signal collected, fed to an antenna, and signal is analyzed by a computer to determine its source.

Who was the first person to use the telescope?

Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) was part of a small group of astronomers who turned telescopes towards the heavens. After hearing about the “Danish perspective glass” in 1609, Galileo constructed his own telescope. He subsequently demonstrated the telescope in Venice.

What makes a telescope powerful?

The most important aspect of any telescope is its aperture, the diameter of its main optical component, which can be either a lens or a mirror. … In general, the larger a telescope’s aperture, the more impressive any given object will look.

How does a reflecting telescope magnify?

To obtain an image, the telescope is aimed at an object, and the light enters the tube. The light hits the primary mirror and is reflected to the secondary mirror. It is then reflected from the secondary mirror to the eyepiece, where the image is magnified and sent to the eye.

What are some discoveries made with the telescope?

Helped pin down the age for the universe now known to be 13.8 billion years, roughly three times the age of Earth. Discovered two moons of Pluto, Nix and Hydra. Helped determine the rate at which the universe is expanding. Discovered that nearly every major galaxy is anchored by a black hole at the centre.