Question: Why do telescopes use mirrors?

They use mirrors to collect and focus the light towards the eyepiece. Mirrors are lighter than lenses and they are also easier to shape into a smooth and perfect surface. If there are any flaws in a telescope’s optics (eg. the mirrors or lenses) then the image created will appear warped or out-of-focus and blurry.

What is the purpose of the mirrors in the telescope?

Early telescopes focused light using pieces of curved, clear glass, called lenses. However, most telescopes today use curved mirrors to gather light from the night sky. The shape of the mirror or lens in a telescope concentrates light. That light is what we see when we look into a telescope.

Why do telescopes use Convex mirrors?

Refracting telescopes use lenses to bend the light to a specific focal point such that the object will be magnified to the viewer. … This lens is a convex lens that bends the incoming light rays to a focal point within the telescope. The second lens is called the eyepiece.

Why are mirror objective rather than lens objective used in modern telescope?

Modern telescopes prefer using concave mirror of large aperture as the objective instead of convex lens due to the following reasons : (1) There is no chromatic aberration in a mirror. (2) If the mirror is a parabolic mirror then even spherical aberration is also removed.

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Why are concave mirrors used in telescopes?

Light enters the telescope at the right and travels to a concave mirror. … The light is then reflected back again out of the back of the telescope to the eyepiece and the eye. Like the Reflector, uses a concave mirror as its primary objective to focus the incoming light.

Why do reflecting telescopes have a secondary mirror?

Why do reflecting telescopes have a secondary mirror? The primary mirror creates an image, the secondary mirror repositions the image so it is easy to see. The observer then uses an eyepiece to actually observe the image.

Which mirror is used in microscope?

Usually, concave mirror or plano concave mirror are used in microscope. The combination of lenses and mirrors used in making the microscope helps in obtaining magnified and sharp image of the objects.