What is a team of astronauts called?

What is a group of astronauts called?

The NASA Astronaut Corps is a unit of the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) that selects, trains, and provides astronauts as crew members for U.S. and international space missions.

What do astronauts call each other?


Position Examples
Payload Commander (PLC) Story Musgrave, Michael P. Anderson
Mission Specialist (MS) Jerry L. Ross and Franklin Chang-Diaz each flew seven times as Shuttle Mission Specialists.
Flight Engineer Story Musgrave, Sally Ride, Michael P. Anderson
International Mission Specialist Hans Schlegel

What is the lead astronaut called?

The Chief of the Astronaut Office is the most senior leadership position for active astronauts at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The Chief Astronaut serves as head of the NASA Astronaut Corps and is the principal advisor to the NASA Administrator on astronaut training and operations.

Do astronauts have a title?

The term “astronaut” has been maintained as the title for those selected to join the NASA corps of astronauts who make “space sailing” their career profession. Active Astronauts: Eligible for flight assignment. Management Astronauts: Currently employed at NASA but are no longer eligible for flight assignment.

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What are female astronauts called?

Spacefarers with completed spaceflights

# Name Birth date Country
1 Valentina Tereshkova Mar. 6, 1937 Soviet Union
2 Svetlana Savitskaya Aug. 8, 1948 Soviet Union
3 Sally Ride May 26, 1951 died Jul. 23, 2012 United States
4 Judith Resnik Apr. 5, 1949 died Jan. 28, 1986 United States

Who are astronauts for Class 3?

Astronauts are those persons who are capable of going to the space. They are well trained for the space environment. There is zero gravity in space so the astronauts would fly when they get out of their spaceship. So, they are given training which would be as hard as flying in space.

Do astronauts have code names?

Beginning with the flight of Apollo 9, code names for both the command and service module (CSM) and lunar module (LM) were chosen by the astronauts who were to fly on each mission.

What does Fido mean at NASA?

The Field Integrated Design and Operations, or FIDO, rover is a research prototype for future Mars surface missions planned by NASA. The FIDO rover is similar in function and capabilities to the Mars Exploration Rovers, but on a much smaller scale.

What are astronauts in training called?

United States. At NASA, following the selection phase, the so-called “AsCans” (Astronaut candidates) have to undergo up to two years of training/indoctrination period to become fully qualified astronauts. Initially, all AsCans must go through basic training to learn both technical and soft skills.

Why do astronauts call Houston?

“Houston, we have a problem” is a popular but slightly erroneous quotation from the radio communications between the Apollo 13 astronauts Jack Swigert, Jim Lovell and the NASA Mission Control Center (“Houston”) during the Apollo 13 spaceflight in 1970, as the astronauts communicated their discovery of the explosion …

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What are some good astronaut names?


  • Buzz Aldrin.
  • William A. Anders.
  • Michael P. Anderson.
  • Neil Armstrong.
  • Alan Bean.
  • Guion S. Bluford, Jr.
  • Charles Bolden.
  • Frank Borman.

What do you call a retired astronaut?

There is no personal rank granted and no special honorific used when directly addressing an astronaut. A civilian astronaut is correctly addressed as ‘Mr./Ms./Dr. … Many astronauts are or have been military officers and thus are addressed by rank in retirement.

What is astronaut salary?

The salaries of Nasa Astronauts in the US range from $24,079 to $640,817 , with a median salary of $116,165 . The middle 57% of Nasa Astronauts makes between $116,169 and $291,008, with the top 86% making $640,817.

What is a Chinese astronaut called?

Those Soviet and later Russian individuals who travel into space are known as cosmonauts (from the Greek words for “universe” and “sailor”). … China designates its space travelers taikonauts (from the Chinese word for “space” and the Greek word for “sailor”).