Why are Thai constellations so expensive?

Called Thai Constellation, it’s fitting because its popularity and price is skyrocketing. The marble colouring caused by a lack of chlorophyll is a rare mutation, the more of it, the more it’s worth. Andy Roy from the Oxley Nursery said the craze for them is “unprecedented”.

Is Thai Constellation rare?

Thai Constellation Monstera is expensive because it is rare, and variegation in plants is rare to begin with. The Thai Constellation variegation of Monstera in particular is rare enough to fetch a high price. Of course, even something rare will not fetch a high price without high demand.

Which is more expensive Albo or Thai constellation?

With the Albo only being reproduced by cuttings, this makes it more rare than the Thai Constellation, harder to find and therefore more expensive.

What is the difference between Monstera Albo and Thai constellation?

The main difference between Monstera Albo and Monstera Thai Constellation is the foliage. Monstera Thai Constellation has more stable variegation than Monstera Albo. In addition, Monstera Thai Constellation can be yellow-green or white-green, while Monstera Albo is almost always white-green.

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Why are variegated Monstera Albo so expensive?

Monstera ‘Albo’ is expensive because the coloration is caused by a natural mutation that is not genetically passed down through seeds reliably. Even cuttings do not have a 100% success rate to recreate the same variegation. Also, this plant has a slow growth rate, high demand, and limited supply.

Can a Thai Constellation revert?

Thai Constellations don’t revert. The variegation is built into their genetic makeup because they’re engineered by humans and don’t exist in the wild. Not the case for ‘proper’ variegated monstera (albo borsigiana). … If you buy a baby monstera it MIGHT turn out to be variegated.

Why are Aroids so expensive?

The new wave of enthusiasts has resulted in an extremely high demand for houseplants. Because growers’ supply cannot keep up with the new demand, prices are skyrocketing.

Is Thai Constellation fast growing?

Monstera Thai Constellation is a slow-growing plant, but you can use an organic house plant fertilizer in the summer and spring season. To encourage new growth during these two seasons, apply the fertilizer once every month.

What is the most expensive plant in the world?

The Kadupul flower is the most expensive in the world because it has never been bought and is therefore priceless. This elusive little plant is actually a cactus and only grows in Sri Lanka.

Can a Thai constellation become more variegated?

As an example, the Monstera Thai Constellation has been created in labs ins Thailand for its variegation and is 100% stable meaning that it will not lose its variegation. Plants like a Monstera Deliciosa Borsigiana Variegata can lose its variegation and will show more or less variation when growing.

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Are all Thai Constellation tissue culture?

This plant is known as the Thai Constellation. This Deliciosa comes from tissue culture from one lab in Thailand that supplies the plant world wide. … All Thai will display the speckled variegation regardless of this large chunk variegation however the amount varies from plant to plant.

Is Monstera Thai Constellation stable?

The Monstera Deliciosa Thai Constellation is a tissue culture from one lab in Thailand that supplies the plant worldwide. It is very stable variegation. This means that when the plants reach maturity, cuttings can be made, like the Borsigiana, that will maintain the ‘star-like’ speckled variegation.

Why are anthuriums so expensive?

These tropical houseplants are prized for their lush and beautiful appearance, and that as well as their status as a somewhat uncommon houseplant makes them a more expensive purchase than some other plants.

Why is Hoya kerrii so expensive?

The Hoya carnosa compacta or also known as Hindu Rope is one of the most expensive houseplants because of its unique variegation.

Why is philodendron Gloriosum so expensive?

Others, like Philodendron gloriosum, are not genetically altered but renowned for their stunning leaves. The high demand for these specimens coupled with a low supply results in astronomical prices.