Your question: How can we teach our solar system to primary students?

It is best to teach children the planets in order because it will help them memorize better just like starting with A when teaching the alphabet. Use an illustration, poster or drawing to introduce or review the planets. A link to a set of pictures of the planets in order is included under Additional Resources.

How do you introduce a lesson to the solar system?

Opening to Lesson

  1. Begin by drawing a big sun on the board and “Solar System”. …
  2. Students will watch a video (song )about the Solar System and the different planets.
  3. Ask students: What are the 8 planets? …
  4. How long is a year? (time it takes for the Earth to go around the sun).
  5. Talk about what the word “orbit” means.

How do you teach the solar system to grade 3?


  1. Start the lesson by displaying a graphic of the solar system. …
  2. Start the video lesson Solar System Overview. …
  3. Play a quick call-and-response game in which you call out the name of a planet and have students respond with its classification (e.g. Mars, Terrestrial; Saturn, Jovian).
  4. Resume and finish the video.

How do you explain solar system to kids?

The solar system consists of the Sun and everything that orbits, or travels around, the Sun. This includes the eight planets and their moons, dwarf planets, and countless asteroids, comets, and other small, icy objects. However, even with all these things, most of the solar system is empty space.

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Why do kids need to learn about the solar system?

Why is it important to teach kids about the solar system? Knowledge about the solar system is more important than ever. It helps us appreciate the Earth. … NASA says studying the solar system may help us understand important issues, such as how global warming will affect the Earth or how life originated on our planet.

What is solar system class1?

What is the Solar System? The Solar System includes the Sun, the Earth (where you are now!) and all of the other planets, asteroids and comets that go around and around it. You may think that the Earth is a pretty big place, but the Earth isn’t even the biggest planet in the Solar System.

How do you explain Earth to preschoolers?

Earth is one of the eight planets that orbit, or travel around, the Sun in the solar system. It is the third planet from the Sun. Earth travels around the Sun at an average distance of about 93 million miles (150 million kilometers). It appears bright and bluish when seen from outer space.

How do you describe the solar system?

The solar system is the sun and everything that orbits around it. It includes the planets and their moons as well as numerous asteroids and comets. These objects are all held in orbit around the sun by the sun’s strong gravity.