Is Comet a floor cleaner?

It is a bio-based liquid floor cleaner. It adds mirror shine to the surface and maintains the shine of the floor.

Can I use Comet to clean my floors?

Best floor cleaner!! Sprinkle comet on the floor, then in a bowl mix bleach and hot water. Use a scrub brush and The results are fabulous!! … Use a scrub brush and The results are fabulous!!

What can I clean with Comet?

Comet Bleach Powder attacks your tough-cleaning problems in kitchens, bathrooms, and throughout your house. This all-purpose cleaner cleans and deodorizes porcelain, stainless steel, fiberglass, Corian, solid surfaces, natural marble, and ceramic tile all without leaving a scratch.

Is Comet good for tile floors?

Is Comet safe to use on ceramic tiles? Comet Liquid Soft Cleanser contains bleach and should only be used as a last resort for heavy stains and wiped off immediately. Comet Bathroom Cleaner Sprays are safe to use on ceramic tiles.

What type of cleaner is Comet?

Comet (cleanser)

Product type Household cleaner
Owner KIK Custom Products Inc.
Country United States
Introduced 1956
Previous owners Procter & Gamble, Prestige Brands
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Can I use Comet on my kitchen floor?

Comet’s NO SCRATCH FORMULA” contains no harsh abrasives. Use Comet with Bleach Disinfectant Cleanser for many tough cleaning problems around the house such as the kitchen, tub, and toilet bowl.

Can you mop tile with Comet?

When grout is stained with dirt or soap scum, scrub it with a stiff-bristle brush, hot water, and scouring powder, such as Comet or Bar Keepers Friend. Then, rinse with clean water.

Is Comet a disinfectant?

Clean and disinfect with Comet® Disinfecting Cleaner with Bleach. A unique 2-in-1 all-purpose formula combines the cleaning power of heavy-duty detergents with the stain removal power of bleach, while being a hospital use disinfectant*.

Is Comet good for cleaning?

Comet Cleansers are safe to use on many of today’s surfaces

This all-purpose cleanser cleans and deodorizes—all without leaving a scratch. Dissolves soap scum and hard water film. Disinfects and cleans tough stains. Porcelain, Stainless steel, Fiberglass, Corian, Solid surfaces, Natural marble, Ceramic tile.

What’s better Comet or Ajax?

Ajax Powder Cleanser: Ajax powder cleaner only comes in one scent and formula, so the only difference is the container size. … Comet offers more powder cleaners and several other cleaning-related products such as sprays (multi-surface and bath) and eraser pads.

Can you use Comet on vinyl flooring?

Cleaning linoleum floors should not be confused with cleaning vinyl floors. … Ammonia, comet, and most floor cleaners are made from base chemicals. Base chemicals are considered most effective because they literally dissolve the dirt and grime..but also the linoleum floor.

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Can I put Comet on the carpet?

A trick my dad taught me is to (lightly) sprinkle your carpet with Comet before vacuuming. Let it sit for about 3-5 minutes before vacuuming. It will disinfect the carpet, and while, yes, Comet is bleach, leaving it on for only 3-5 minutes will not change the color of your carpet.

Can you use Comet on a toilet?

Tip #3: Good old Comet and the regular toilet bowl brush is all you need!! And if you have any scratches in the bowl, just sprinkle the Comet in and let it sit there for 30 minutes or more and the scratches will be gone…with no scrubbing!!!! That is all I ever use and my toilets sparkle and smell fresh!!!

Is Comet antibacterial?

Comet Classic Antibacterial Spray Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses* Use in kitchens and bathrooms to disinfect and clean.

Is Comet a bleach?

Comet with Bleach Disinfectant Cleanser cleans and deodorizes porcelain, stainless steel, fiberglass, natural marble and ceramic tile without leaving a scratch. This kitchen and bathroom cleaner is great for sinks, tubs and more.

Is Comet cleaner an acid or base?

While Comet, Ajax and other household cleaners are bleach-based and alkaline, Bar Keepers Friend is an acidic cleaner. Stainless steel manufacturers and fabricators actually warn against the use of bleach or bleach-based products, as it deteriorates the integrity of stainless steel over time.