Frequent question: How do you use asteroid belt in a sentence?

Most meteorites are thought to come from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. 3. All but one of these orbit in the asteroid belt, safely beyond the orbit of Mars. 4.

What is a sentence for asteroid belt?

Our Plutonian scanners are picking up a distress signal in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The three outer planets were Jupiter-class gas giants, with an asteroid belt between the first gas giant and the second gas giant.

What asteroid belt means?

Definition of asteroid belt

: the region of interplanetary space between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter in which most asteroids are found.

How do you use asteroid in a sentence?

Asteroid in a Sentence

  1. Believing that an asteroid would one day strike the Earth, the citizens decided to live on Mars.
  2. In the video game, the objective is to dodge each asteroid in order to get to the other side of the screen.
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Can we go over the asteroid belt?

Yes, you could go “over” or “under” the asteroid belt. However, plane changes are expensive, and as pointed out in the comments, the asteroid belt is not very dense (average distance of 600,000 miles [1 million kilometers] between objects) so there isn’t much to avoid.

How do you use Kuiper belt in a sentence?

The Kuiper belt is an icy disk of debris orbiting the sun, beyond Neptune, and is the original home of many comets. Scientists speculate that it could be a body from the distant Kuiper belt, way out in the outer solar system.

What is a sentence for Comet?

Comet sentence example. Yes, a comet slamming into the planet or some galactic cataclysm could wipe us all out. Memory of the land in Arkansas streaked across her mind like a comet , leaving a trail of questions in its wake.

How did asteroid belt form?

How did the asteroid belt form? The classical view is that the asteroid belt formed within the gassy, dusty disc swirling around the primordial Sun, as a swarm of leftover planetesimals, with an initial mass of perhaps several Earth masses in total.

Which of the following statement is are correct about asteroid belt?

Answer: Explanation: Most of the asteroids lie between Mars and Jupiter and it is known as the asteroid belt. It is divided into smaller belts and separated by distances known as Kirkwood gaps. These gaps are spaces in which the gravitational attraction of Jupiter prevents any object from maintaining an orbit.

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Why do we have an asteroid belt?

Early in the life of the solar system, dust and rock circling the sun were pulled together by gravity into planets. But not all of the ingredients created new worlds. A region between Mars and Jupiter became the asteroid belt.

What are asteroids examples?

For example, Amor asteroids have orbits that approach Earth’s path but remain exclusively between Earth and Mars. Apollo asteroids have Earth-crossing orbits but spend most of their time outside the planet’s path. Aten asteroids also cross Earth’s orbit but spend most of their time inside Earth’s orbit.

How do you use deduce in a sentence?

Deduce in a Sentence

  1. By counting backwards, the clerk was able to deduce the correct change to give back to the customer.
  2. As soon as the police saw the planted evidence, they were able to deduce the homeowner had faked the robbery.

How do you use atmosphere in a sentence?

Examples of atmosphere in a Sentence

Experts have noticed changes in the atmosphere. Meteoroids burn up as they pass through Earth’s atmosphere. The planets have different atmospheres. a country inn with lots of atmosphere The food was good but the restaurant has no atmosphere.

Can a star turn into a planet?

Yes, a star can turn into a planet, but this transformation only happens for a very particular type of star known as a brown dwarf. Some scientists do not consider brown dwarfs to be true stars because they do not have enough mass to ignite the nuclear fusion of ordinary hydrogen.

Why would it be hard to pass through an asteroid belt?

According to the text, an asteroid belt is a large system of big and small rocks that orbit the sun that are between Mars and Jupiter. 2. It would be hard to pass through the asteroid belt because there are many of them in one area between Mars and Jupiter.

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How does NASA get through the asteroid belt?

Distances in the asteroid belt

Outer space is vast. And thus, despite there being many millions (possibly billions) of objects in the asteroid belt, the average distance between them is 600,000 miles (about a million km). This means that spacecraft can fly through the asteroid belt without colliding with any asteroids.