How do you level a telescope?

Level the tripod by eye, then level the tube. Aim the telescope as close to true north as you can. Don’t aim it at magnetic north, where a compass points. Ensure that any add-on finderscope or device used to sight stars is aligned with the main optics.

How important is a level telescope tripod?

If you are precisely aligned to the NCP or SCP, the mount will function correctly and an RA motor will track the sky all night. Getting the tripod level is useful as it does help speed the process of achieving polar alignment.

How do you stabilize a telescope?

Stability Is Key

  1. Tighten the wing nuts at the top of the tripod, where the legs meet the mount head.
  2. Shorten the tripod legs as much as you can. The lower the scope, the less it will shake. …
  3. Fill a gallon jug with water or sand and hang it between the tripod’s legs. …
  4. Cut a triangular piece of wood to use as a brace.

How do you drift align a telescope?

How to Accurately Accomplish Polar Alignment

  1. First, aim the mount’s polar axis roughly at Polaris. …
  2. If the star drifts south in the eyepiece, the polar axis is pointing too far east.
  3. If the star drifts north, the polar axis is too far west.
  4. Shift the polar axis left or right accordingly, until there is no more drift.
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Do I need to align my telescope?

You’ve purchased a new telescope and can’t wait to use it to find celestial objects in the night sky. … Your telescope needs to be properly aligned so that you’ll be able to locate and track objects in the sky. You also need to align your telescope so that objects are clear.

Does equatorial mount need to be level?

Although it is not absolutely necessary to level a GEM to achieve good polar alignment, leveling is a very easy and handy way to make the first step into polar alignment, for the simple reason there is a relation between level and latitude.

How do you level an equatorial mount?

Hold it against your mount, with the longest side against the polar axis, and place a spirit level on the shortest side – which should be uppermost. Turn the altitude adjustment bolt until the spirit level is level; the polar axis should now be parallel with Earth’s axis.

What is EQ telescope?


The Equatorial mounting (more properly called a German equatorial mount or GEM but most often referred to as an EQ) is the standard mounting for many types of telescope. The advantage of a standard equatorial mount over an Alt/Az is that the mounting is designed to track the motion of the stars.

How do you balance the DEC axis?

For the declination axis, place the scope so that the counterweight is low, tube is high and lock the RA axis. Push the tube so that it is parallel to the ground. If it swings either way, carefully loosen the tube clamps and push the tube in the rings away from the heavy end to re-balance.

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How do I keep my telescope from moving?

overshoot your target by releasing the declination knob and move the telescope in declination. Then tighten the knob and reverse the direction of the declination cable. Do not try to force movement when the declination cable has reached the stop.