How do you reset Celestron hand control?

Power down the scope, hold down the 0 button on the hand control keypad and power up the scope. This also performs a factory reset of the hand control which may allow things to proceed normally again.

How do I reset my Celestron NexStar?

Only with Nexstar+ if needed you can reset language by pressing and holding the Celestron logo button while powering up, or you can factory reset by pressing and holding the 0 button while powering up.

How do I factory reset my Celestron 6se?

To do a factory reset, press Menu and scroll to the Utilities submenu. Press Enter, and then scroll to the Factory Settings option. Follow the instructions including cycling (turning off then turning on) your mount.

How do I restore my Starsense to factory settings?

Go to Menu on the hand controller, Starsense, Reset AIS Camera. Once that is completed go to Menu. Hand controller, restore defaults.

How do I upgrade Celestron hand control?

Go to Celestron’s downloads page to search for and download and install the latest hand control firmware updates (HCupdate) and motor control firmware updates (MCupdate) programs on your PC (MACs and Linux operating systems are not supported at this time).

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