Question: Are the magnetic fields of Jupiter and Saturn caused by liquid iron?

What is responsible for Jupiter and Saturn’s magnetic fields?

Saturn’s magnetic field is created as material cycles deep within the planet’s fluid interior. … On Jupiter and Earth, the magnetic fields are slightly tilted with respect to the from the planets’ rotation axes – this tilt is the reason we say compass needles point to “magnetic north” rather than true north.

What causes Jupiter’s magnetic field?

According to a News and Views column accompanying the article, Jupiter’s magnetic field is likely generated by a swirling mass of hydrogen deep within the planet. Crushed to incredible pressure, this material becomes a metallic liquid that can conduct electricity and generate a magnetic field when stirred.

What metal causes the magnetic field in Saturn?

Like Jupiter’s magnetic field, Saturn’s is created by a fluid dynamo within a layer of circulating liquid metallic hydrogen in its outer core.

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What causes magnetic fields in planets?

Planetary magnetic fields are believed to be caused by strong convective currents in planetary cores. These currents require for their production complete melting over of a large region of the planet’s interior and rapid rotation of the planet.

What is the origin of the magnetic fields of Jupiter and Saturn quizlet?

Jupiter’s powerful magnetic field is generated by rotationally driven electrical currents inside its vast internal shell of liquid metallic hydrogen. Ganymede has an intrinsic magnetic field, and it is the only satellite that now generates its own magnetism. Saturn has rotating magnetic fields.

How is Saturn’s magnetic field similar to and different from Jupiter’s magnetic field?

Saturn’s magnetic field resembles that of a simple dipole, or bar magnet, its north-south axis aligned to within 1° of Saturn’s rotation axis with the centre of the magnetic dipole at the centre of the planet. … Jupiter’s equatorial field, at 4.3 gauss, is more than 20 times stronger than Saturn’s.

Does Saturn have a magnetic field?

Based on data collected by Cassini’s magnetometer instrument, Saturn’s magnetic field appears to be surprisingly well aligned with the planet’s rotation axis.

Does Jupiter’s magnetic field reach Saturn?

On a clear night, you can see the continuing pageant of Jupiter and Saturn marching across the sky within a couple of degrees of each other. For half a year, they have appeared to be keeping such close company you could imagine a physical connection between them.

How does Jupiter’s magnetic field affect Jupiter?

Jupiter’s Magnetosphere

The stronger the magnetic field, the larger the magnetosphere. Some 20,000 times stronger than Earth’s magnetic field, Jupiter’s magnetic field creates a magnetosphere so large it begins to avert the solar wind almost 3 million kilometers before it reaches Jupiter.

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Why do we think the liquid metallic hydrogen layer inside Saturn is thinner than Jupiter’s?

Its four interiors layers differ from those of Jupiter only because of its lower mass and weaker gravity. The lower mass makes the weight of the overlying layers less on Saturn than on Jupiter. Saturn has thicker layers of gaseous and liquid hydrogen and a thinner and more deeply buried layer of metallic hydrogen.

Do Jupiter and Saturn have sources of internal heat?

Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune have major internal heat sources, obtaining as much (or more) energy from their interiors as by radiation from the Sun.

Why don t all planets have magnetic fields?

No, not all planets have magnetic fields. … Planetary magnetic fields are formed by the interaction between the convection of interior conducting material (molten rock and metal) and the planet’s own rotation. Mercury’s field is weak because it rotates so slowly.

What is a planets magnetic field?

Planetary magnetic fields are produced by churning motions of liquids at a planet’s core that conduct electricity and have an electric charge. The magnetic fields act like giant bar magnets and can be offset from the rotation axis of a planet. … The particles are deflected outwards by the magnetic field lines.

Does Jupiter’s magnetic field affect Earth?

Wider and flatter than the Earth’s magnetosphere, Jupiter’s is stronger by an order of magnitude, while its magnetic moment is roughly 18,000 times larger.

Magnetosphere of Jupiter.

Discovery date December 1973
Internal field
Radius of Jupiter 71,492 km
Magnetic moment 2.83 × 1020 T·m3
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Which planet has magnetic field?

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all have magnetic fields much stronger than that of the Earth. Jupiter is the champion- having the largest magnetic field.