Which is something about Venus and Earth that is different quizlet?

Why are the surface temperatures of Venus and Earth so very different? Venus is too close to the sun to have liquid water oceans and Earth is far enough from the sun to have liquid water oceans.

Which is something about Venus and Earth that is different?

There are many more differences between both planets. Whereas Earth rotates in about 24 hours Venus rotates in the contrary sense (retrograde rotation) in 243 days. The orbital period of Venus is 225 days so that a Venus year takes less than a full day.

How is Venus different from Earth quizlet?

measurements made by venera and pioneer venus allowed astronomers to conclude the planet’s hot, dense, carbon dioxide atmosphere is different than earth. it is also dusty and dry. atmosphere of venus is 90 times more massive than earth’s, and extends to a much greater height above the surface.

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Why is Venus atmosphere so different from Earth’s quizlet?

Contrary to initial belief, Venus’s earthlike beginnings did not give it an earthlike atmosphere. Venus’s greenhouse effect gives it its hot atmosphere. The same greenhouse effect happens on Venus as it does on Earth, its dense atmosphere being made up of almost entirey of a primary greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide.

How are Venus and Earth similar to and different from each other quizlet?

Venus and Earth are similar in that they have similar interior compositions; however, Venus has a weaker magnetic field than Earth, has a thicker atmosphere than Earth, and is more heavily cratered than Earth.

How are Venus and Earth similar and different?

Venus is sometimes called Earth’s twin because Venus and Earth are almost the same size, have about the same mass (they weigh about the same), and have a very similar composition (are made of the same material). They are also neighboring planets. … Venus also rotates backwards compared to Earth and the other planets.

How are Venus Mars and Earth similar and different?

Mars and Venus are the two terrestrial planets most similar to Earth. One orbits closer to the Sun, and one orbits more distant to the Sun. … It has 81% the mass of Earth, while Mars only has 10% the mass of Earth. The climates of Mars and Venus are very different, and very different from Earth as well.

What is unusual about the planet Venus quizlet?

What is unusual about the planet Venus? It rotates in a direction opposite to the direction of its orbit.

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What is unique about Venus rotation?

In addition to being extremely hot, Venus is unusual because it spins in the opposite direction of Earth and most other planets. It also has a very slow rotation making its day longer than its year.

Why does Venus looks so bright from Earth quizlet?

Venus is so bright because it is so reflective. 70% of sunlight that reaches venus is reflected back.

In what ways does Venus resemble Earth?

Venus is often referred to as our sister planet because of similarities in size, mass, density and volume. It is believed that both planets share a common origin forming at the same time out of a condensing nebulosity around 4.5 billion years ago.

Which of the following properties of Venus are very similar to those of Earth?

Whicch of the following physical properties of Venus are very similar in value to those of the Earth? mass and radius and hence average density and surface gravity. Why did the first Soviet spacecraft to land on Venus survive for only a few minutes?

What are the differences in the atmosphere of Earth and Mars?

Mars is about half the size of Earth by diameter and has a much thinner atmosphere, with an atmospheric volume less than 1% of Earth’s. The atmospheric composition is also significantly different: primarily carbon dioxide-based, while Earth’s is rich in nitrogen and oxygen.

In what way are the atmospheres of Mars and Venus similar to each other?

Two nearlyidentical spacecraft around Mars and Venus have compared the two worlds’atmospheres and found them to be surprisingly similar. … “Venus’s atmosphere isvery thick, dry and hot, and Mars’s atmosphere is very thin and cold. And yetthe same processes are happening on both planets.”

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What evidence is there that Venus was volcanically active about 300 600 million years ago?

7. What evidence is there that Venus was volcanically active about 300–600 million years ago? While small impactors burn up in Venus’ thick atmosphere, larger chunks from space make craters on Venus’ surface, as they do on other worlds.

Why is Venus so hot quizlet?

Venus is so hot because it is surrounded by a very thick atmosphere which is about 100 times more massive than our atmosphere here on Earth. As sunlight passes through the atmosphere, it heats up the surface of Venus.